June 24, 2024

LoginID – Competitor Analysis

Every organization must have reliable authentication protocols in place to verify its users. Traditional password systems are often stolen, copied, and shared, exposing data to security threats. Advanced authentication options can offer an alternative to the old password system. Some popular choices for replacing passwords include biometric authentication, smartcards and tokens.

Organizations increasingly depend on computer networks and electronic data for their day-to-day operations. The number of internet users worldwide has also increased over the years. Online platforms are becoming more popular to store and transfer personal and financial information. Advanced authentication solutions are essential for e-commerce fraud prevention amid the increasing use of online services for transactions.

Market growth for advanced authentication solutions is also driven by mobile technology adoption. Over 5.27 billion people use mobile phones today. Enterprises should think about how their employees, business partners, or other stakeholders can access their platforms from any device and any location.

The authentication market is crowded with competition. Login ID, Magic.Link and Passbase are just a few examples of authentication solutions providers.

Login ID is a world leader in biometric authentication solutions. It has been FIDO2 certified to offer authentication solutions and services, such as SaaS-based passwordless encryption. It provides digital onboarding and digital identity verification in partnership with AuthID.

On the other hand, Magic. Link is located in the US and allows passwordless login through an SDK for developers. They offer various authentication options, including email magic links and SMS, FIDO2 WebAuthn and social login. Soon, they will launch a multi-factor authentication platform (MFA).

Auth0 is a specialist in WebAuthn-based biometrics and email, SMS, magic link logins that can be used as an alternative to passwords. Auth0 offers MFA and SSO login options. Auth0’s solutions may seem costly depending on the business’s needs. Users can access its authentication platform as a single-page, native, mobile, or web app. It can also integrate with an API.

Passbase, a German authentication provider, offers a variety of identity solutions, including identity verification via biometric matching of a photo to identify documents, age verification and address verification. Passbase offers active liveness detection to ensure that a user is present at all times during verification.

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